Jan 2021

Financial Services Offered

We provide fee only advisory for Mutual Fund investment and NPS product. Please reach out to us using any of the following methods and we will get back to you:

  • Call or SMS on 079010 81630.
  • Send an email to admin at ekvastra dot in.
  • Add a comment to this post providing a valid email id to reach you.
  • Telegram Discussion channel: https://t.me/EkvastraDiscussion.

We charge ₹ 500/- for basic enquiry and first assessment. Please pay here:

Nov 2020

How to select equity MF

Remember that you are trying to select for ten years so don't be very picky!

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Oct 2020

Actively managing own equity portfolio

This is a simple approach. This approach can be mastered and refined over time.

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Sep 2020

Timing the market

The only thing that can be said with certainty is that it is always a good time to get rid of your poor funds and switch to better funds, they will make up your losses faster. By switching you are not injecting new money but only making your poorly performing investment move to a better investment  […]

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Jul 2020

Long Term Investment Advice

This post will talk about guidelines for managing your investment in the long term (longer than ten years) and what all to bear in mind while planning your long term inflation beating investment.

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Jun 2020

Lumpsum versus SIP

In this post, we're going to break the myth that SIP is always superior to Lumpsum. Most likely, it's only as effective as a lump sum investment for long-term investment, but it robs you of the opportunity to think for yourself and sometimes misses that nice lumpsum investment.

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Apr 2020

Appointment links


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Nov 2019

MF Rebalancing

Rebalancing is possible only if you have prepared an investment portfolio and its asset-allocation and categories in each asset is also planned.

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