Many insurance companies now offer long term, meaning three or five years vehicle insurance also. By law you are only required to take Third Party insurance. Many of us are looking for such policy for our old vehicle or second vehicle. Please note that it is presumed that you are have insurance for personal accident for statutory reasons. New policies also make it simple to get a personal accident cover along with TP insurance.

I am a fan of public insurance company for their no-nonsense approach. They don't call you hundred times. They charge you the least commission. They don't promise you the moon. They will even discourage you from taking wrong policy. I am also a fan of do-it-yourself online policy. Online policy are inherently cheaper and easier to renew. It also means you will enter all the details properly, no annoying wrong address or spelling mistake in names anymore.

From 4th June 2019 new rates were published by IRDA: Motor TP Premium rates for the FY 2019-20

Given my earlier bias towards DiY online approach I have narrowed down to The New India Assurance -- it is a public sector company and provides Long Term TP insurance online.